lukaszBorn in 1979. He graduated from the Leon Wyczółkowski National High School of Arts, the faculty of exhibitions. He graduated from the Arts Academy in 2005.

Open Airs/Locations
1991- second open air/ location of painting and sculpture in Rodowo
2000-2003 XIIth international location in Rodowo
2003- second artistic confrontations "Ordinary Wadowice"
2004- third artistic confrontations "Ordinary Wadowice"
2004- first international location "Polish Palace", Konstancin- Obory
2006- international location at the Karwacjan's Palace, Gorlice

Collective and post-competitive exhibitions
2003- artistic confrontations "Sacrum in Art"- Wadowice
2003- "Sacrum in Art"- Cracow
2003- XIth Joseph Gielniak graphic contest Jelenia Góra
2004- first Forum of Young Caricaturists Polish Portrait ("Polaków Portret Przaśny"), the Museum of Caricatures, Warsaw
2004- artistic confrontations "Sacrum in Art"- Wadowice
2004- Tuba Satirica- "And yet it turns"- The Galery Wozownia- Toruń
2004- "Events Tczew- Europe"- granted an award in the field of illustration "My Andersen"
2004- Ex- Libris- The Raczyńscy Library- Poznań
2004- "Graphic inspirations"- Witebsk
2004- "When word becomes image"- Poznań

Individual exhibitions
1997- Prabuty
2003- Stary Dzierzgoń
2006- Gdańsk, The Galery of St Jack "Colorful linocuts"
2006- Mińsk, The Museum of Contemporary Art "Bukowitz"(the article)

Public orders
1999- Occasional Ex- Libris for 50-year-old Public Communal Library in Bukowiec
2004- Occasional Carol "Fair of St Nicolaus"
2004- Jubilee Ex- Libris for 55-year-old Public Communal Library in Bukowiec
2005- Ex- Libris of Polish House in Witebsk