lukaszWith kindnest regards for you, at the beginning I greet and introduce myself.

I have just a few words to write about myself. I was born during the winter of century, I passed through a trauma of kindergarden in my home town, I finished the 20 years of PRL primary school in Bukowiec; it was neither possible nor pleasant to identify with its patron.

Then, having gone to the city in order to be educated in the National Secondary School of Arts in Bydgoszcz, I boarded in the dormitory in the street Chwytowo. It was easier and more pleasant to identify with that place. The school itself was, and still is, an invaluable source of technical knowledge. There were very well expanded studios of graphic art from litographical, through sieve-print, the dry needle, etching to the linocut. I do not mention about the "zecernie"- the print studios, even equipped with the wooden fonts.

Afterwards, the period of studying, Gdańsk.

Stub of a big city, free in the past, with some kind of burden, strain for its dwellers, of the proud and ashame of "Solidarność". The school gave me just the feeling of nostalgia after the gold period of growing up in the dormitory. The feeling of lack of direction- but even from it I could form my own identity. As definied by one of the professors- Henryk Cześniak- "it's good that you were studying in an independent and individual way". And that's why, till 2005, I was making my way from Bukowiec to Gdańsk and the way back.

It's like everything in my last works. I have enough decency to present the works which are not older than my licence diploma, gained in 2003, so Dear Sirs, you can with full trust, identify the author of this text with the author of the works.

I bow and break in inclining my head towards you.

Lewandowski from Bukowiec (Poland)


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